Netinium's meter management platform

The only head end you'll ever need

The unstoppable evolution in smart device technology asks for a software infrastructure that can manage an increasingly diverse asset base.

Building on 20 years of R&D, Netinium is the only head end you’ll ever need to perform this task.


In the spotlight:

Customer highlight: Dutch teamwork

Our project portfolio includes an interesting cooperation between two of our customers.

Alliander / 5.7M connections

Alliander managing their current 1.000.000 and future 5.700.000 GPRS / CDMA smart meters for both electricity & gas.


Enduris / 400K connections

Alliander offering managed services to their neighbour utility Enduris, by concurrently managing 50.000 of their neighbours' meters for both electricity & gas through their platform.



Accommodating growing diversity within meter networks

Smart meter standards, business requirements and security needs keep evolving at high speed.

As a result of this unstoppable hardware evolution, the real challenge is “How to accommodate this (ever) growing diversity within meter networks?”

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